Tinos Pirgos- Panormos

Tinos - Pirgos- Panormos Tinos - Pirgos- Panormos

Pirgos is an impressive village and the largest village of Tinos. The sculptures, the springs, and the reliefs that decorate houses and public spaces give it the appearance of an outdoor museum. In its square, which is always full of visitors during the summer, the marble spring built in the year 1784 and the huge plane tree that was planted in the year 1859 stand out. As you walk you will see the metropolitan church, Agios Nikolaos (1874), the cemetery with the famous funereal inscriptions made by well-known sculptors, the museum of Marble Crafts, the Museum ofthe Artists of Panormos and the Giannoulis Chalepas Museum. The premises of the old secondary school house marble-working workshops and the School of the Arts of Pirgos.

The era when Pirgos flourished was during the 18th and the 19th century- then, in fact, shipping and trade developed, the extraction of marble began, and the first workshops working with marble were created.

The central paved road that crosses the settlement continues on and after approximately 3 km ends at Panormos, the best known summer resort in the area. The image of the harbour with its calm water and the small island of Planitis, behind which the sun rises, the fishing boats, the coffee shops and the small tavernas remind you of Greece from previous decades. Close to Panormos there are the beaches of Agia Thalassa, Kavalargos, and Rochari.

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