Tinos The Dovecoates

Tinos - The Dovecoates

These are unique monuments of our popular art. In Tinos, dovecotes decorate paths, slopes, and especially streams, since a main requirement for the survival of pigeons is the presence of water close to their nest. The breeding of pigeons is a habit inherited from the Venetians. The dovecotes usually have two levels. The pigeons live in the upper part, and the owner keeps his in the lower part and occasionally spends the night there. The upper floor has stone openings in its inside wall, where the birds make their nests. On the outside, the dovecotes of Tinos are decorated with recesses the shape of a triangle, rectangle, rhombus, or circle. This is the so-called stone embroidery, made of slate, which provides each dovecote with a unique appearance.

The dovecotes that have been preserved to this day are calculated as being around 600 in number! You will find many of them in the villages of Tarampados, Potamia, and Tripotamos.

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