Tinos The granite rocks of volax

Tinos - The granite rocks of volax

Legends and myths accompany the moon-like landscape of Volax and the famous round granite rocks. It is said that it they are the remnants of a mythical battle between gods and giants, that the volakes (large cannonballs) took their shape from the sea that at some point surrounded the area, or that they came from a meteor shower. According to geologists, they are granite rocks that were formed 15-25 million years ago and with the changes in temperature, in humidity, as well as the friction caused by the wind, they eroded and developed a spherical shape.

The granite rocks extend over an area of 22.6 square kilometers, in the triangle between Xombourgo, Falatados, and Livada, and as far as Kaki Skala. In this almost otherwordly landscape, the small village of Volax shines like a white spot.

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