Tinos The town of Tinos

Tinos - The town of Tinos

The centre of the settlement is the old harbour (where cars are forbidden in the evening during the summer). Here there are cafés, restaurants, tourist and commercial shops, supermarkets, etc. The marble deck that was crafted during the 1920s stands out. Events are organized here and on Good Friday the processions from the parishes of the city meet here. The marble paved Megaloharis Avenue is perpendicular to the coastal road and leads to the building complex of the Church of the Assumption,as are old Evangelistrias Street–full of commercial shops that mainly are addressed to the pilgrims – Trion Ierarchon Street, and Alavanou Avenue, from which you can head towards the villages.

Old Evangelistrias street remains the most typical street of the city. Where it begins you will see the marble Lower Spring (Kato Vrysi),the main spring of the town at the end of the 18th century.Along Megalocharis Avenue there are the church of Agios Georgios (1691), the Municipal Library, and the Archaeological museum. Shortly before the end of the avenue you will see the park of the Holy Foundation of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, with busts of important artists of Tinos, sculpted by Stratis Filippotis.

Other neighbourhoods in the city are the following:

-Taxiarches, which took its name after the metropolitan church with the same name with the marble bell tower built in 1803.

-Pallada, where the open market takes place, with fish and local products. The church of San Antonio stands at its edge.

-Ai-Nikolas Katholikos, center of the settlement at the beginning of the 18th century.

-Malamatenia, where the Moschoula School is located.

-Vatikiotika,which took its name when refugees from Vatika in the Peloponnese settled here.

On the eastern side of the harbour, the Cultural Foundation of Tinos stands out. The promontory of Pasha Akrotiri rises at the edge of the neighborhood of Agali(it took its name from a corruption of the words “Pachy Akrotiri” or “thick promontory”); at its peak you will enjoy a panoramic view.

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