Tinos Triantaros – Berdemiaros

Tinos - Triantaros - Berdemiaros Tinos - Triantaros - Berdemiaros

The impressive complex of the houses and churches of Triantaros spreads above the central road and offers a magnificent view over the sea. As you will observe by walking on its whitewashed, very clean streets, it has many galleries, houses with Cycladic architecture, and yards full of plants. The church of Agioi Apostoloi (1887) stands at its centre. There are also the churches of Agios Ioannis Chrisostomos, Agia Marina, Koimisi Theotokou, and Taxiarchis. On the central street, next to the springs, you will find the old olive oil mill of the village.

Berdemiaros, which is almost united with Triantaros, is an impressive sight with its old houses, most of which have been restored.


As is evident from the ending of their names, the two villages must have been built in the feudal period (13th or 14th century).

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