Tinos Ysternia

Tinos - Ysternia

Together with Pirgos, this is the village from which the most famous sculptors of Tinos came. Marble has always been abundant in the area of Ysternia and for this reason quarries were created. Lazaros Sochos, Antonios Sochos, Lazaros Lameras, the Malakate brothers, the Fytale brothers, and Georgios Vitalis came from Ysternia. Their work is exhibited in the museum of Arists from Ysternia. The skylights above the doors and the windows, the springs, as well as the inscriptions with the year of construction and the names of the owners of the houses are real works of art. The impressive church of Agia Paraskevi stands in the centre of Ysternia, close to which there are traditional coffee shops. In Nikolaos Glynis Square, you will admire the marble spring built in the year 1940.

From Ysternia you can descend by a paved road to the Harbour of Ysternia. Alternatively, you can follow the old path (approximately 15 minutes’ walk).


Leaving Ysternia, as you head towards Pirgos you will find yourself in the area of the mills of Ysternia. They were built before the year 1900 and have been designated as landmarks. Opposite them there is a nice complex of stone buildings, among which the church of Agios Athanasios stands, as well as the grave of the Archbishop Ieronimos.

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