Hiking & Trekking Activities

They say that you will only really know a place if you walk it. The paths of the islands of the South Aegean are often the same ancient roads that followed centuries ago for people to reach their sanctuaries and temples, to build their towers and settlements, to take care of their animals and land.

Unique treasures unfold before the eyes of the walker who will explore walking the barren Cycladic landscapes, or the fertile hinterland of the Dodecanese islands. He will admire the works of stone craftsmen: dry stones (terraces), bridges, pigeons, watermills and windmills, “cells” for animals, small rural settlements, frying palaces and observatories. He will discover thousands of chapels and Byzantine temples, ruined monasteries, chapels, fountains and old wells, archeological sites, castles, caves – even volcanic craters. He will gaze high from the tops of the mountains and hills, descend into cool lagoons and gorges, and often end up in beautiful secluded beaches, small paradises that are all his own! The cobbled streets and steps carved in the stone themselves are wonderful creations of the old craftsmen, many of which stand the test of time thanks to the techniques with which they were created.