Amorgos The Tower of Agia Triada

Amorgos - The Tower of Agia Triada Cyclades - Amorgos Cyclades - Amorgos

It is located in the district of Arkesini, near the settlement in Chorio and it is built on a low hill. This sturdy building is the best-preserved tower of rectangle shape in the Cyclades. It dates back to the 4th century BC and it is believed that it was used for defensive purposes and as a ‘fryctoria’, for the transmission of light signals to the other towers with which it was directly connected. It was used, though, as a residence as well. Beside it there is a restored rural facility with an oven, a cremery and ‘zevgospita’ (old farmhouses). It was most possibly built by a wealthy resident of Arkesini, since the financial situation of the town itself during the Hellenistic period, as shown by the epigraphic evidence, did not allow the erection of such buildings.

Although the tower was known since 1843, the first works for its preservation started in 1993.

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