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Chora of Ios is built higher than the port of the island (2 km), on the slopes of a hill. It is a typical sample of Cycladic architecture, with its chapels, the white-washed cube-shaped houses set one next to another, the internal network with the arcades, the winding streets and the stairs. At the top there is Panagia Gremiotissa from where the visitor can enjoy a panoramic view.

The ancient city was located where Chora is now. It was surrounded by a wall of cyclopean size, part of which is preserved until now. It can be seen by following the ring road from the sea to the mills, which were 12 in total. Relics of the church of Pythios Apollon, at Agia Aikaterini are preserved from specific ancient civilization.

In the early 13th century, the Venetians built a castle at the top of the hill. When you get up there and you stand in the balcony of Agios Nikolaos you will realize that Chora of Ios is untouched by time.

Reaching the settlement from the port the visitor can see the relics of the ancient wall and after that the church of Evangelismos (main Church) and the beginning of Chora. The meeting point for the visitors who inundate the narrow streets of Chora every summer is the central square with the cafés and the clubs. There are also malls, hotels, restaurants, rooms to let, traditional cafés etc.

Another special site is the open-air theatre Odysseas Elytis with its 1000 seats.


The first excavations in Ios took place in 1904 by the Belgian archaeologist P. Graindor, member of the French School of Archaeology, at the ancient city (area of Agia Aikaterini). A second phase of excavations started at the early 80s by the Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities of Cyclades. You will see findings of the ancient city in the Archaeological museum of Ios.

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