Ios Chora-Skarkos hill

Ios - Chora-Skarkos hill

The small ambulatory path leads to the hill of Skarkos, where the early Cycladic settlement is which was discovered in 1986. Its starting point is just before the square of Mili, in Chora of Ios. In the first few meters you are at the cobblestone alley in the settlement, which is concrete a bit further down the road and leads north out of Chora, overlooking the port, the hill of Skarkos and the surrounding mountains. In the two branches of the path you will go left. As you leave Chora behind you, descend and reach the riverbed, where a dirt road goes. You will see the paddock surrounding the archaeological site and the information sign in front of you.


There are also the following paths:

– Chora-Agios Spyridonas-Perivolia-Agios Prokopas-Pelekania,

– Pelekania-Patelas Viglari-Theatre Odysseas Elytis-Windmills-Chora,

– Agios Prokopos-Perivolia-Epano Kampos-Ellinikia-Pretesi Bridge-Skarkos-Chora. You will find information on the site of the Municipality of Ios

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