Kalymnos Vathis

Kalymnos - Vathis

After a route in a mountainous and dry landscape, the green area Vathis is located, an oasis in the background of the valley. The houses are sparse in the field and they are more densely populated towards the narrow inlet of the enclosed bay, a wonderful natural Fjord. The valley, extending to the area Stimenia, had been inhabited since the Neolithic Age. This is confirmed by the relics of the acropolis and the church. The habitation continued during the centuries of Byzantine. The precursor settlement of Rina extended on the slopes of the hills near the port. It was destroyed in the beginning of the 15th century by the pirates at the night celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus.

Nowadays, the small church of Saint Irene has been built in the place of the homonymous big church, which gave its name to the settlement (Rina comes from Irene). Vathis is situated 13 kilometers away from Pothia.

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