Kea-Tzia Festivals and Costums

FESTIVE EVENTS FOR LAMBROS KATSONIS. During summer, festive events are organized in the memory of Lambros Katsonis, who had an important role in the history of Kea, during the Russian-Ottoman war. In Kea there is a strait called Strait of Lambros Katsonis and it is located before the lighthouse of Agios Nikolaos. His ship is considered to have passed from this strait to escape from the Turks who had ruled the port.

The program incudes musical and dance events as well as speeches.

FAIRY TALES FESTIVAL. It is organized every July since 2003 aiming to highlight the myths, the fairy tales and elements of the tradition, which is based on the spoken word since the antiquity. The narrations are combined with events in beautiful places which are historically interesting as well. With the help of the storytellers, the visitors get in touch with the spoken intellectual heritage and participate in the role-playing. The events are enriched with drama performances, musical and artistic happenings, book exhibitions, seminars of folk spoken tradition, creative entertainment for the children and theatrical games.


-Sotiros (Savior), July 6, at the beach of Pisses.

-Festival of August 15, at the square of Ioulis with traditional music, dance and songs

-Agios Charalambos, on February 10.

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