Kimolos Ellinika and Mavrospilia

Greece, Cyclades. Kimolos. Faily affection in Mavrospilea beach. Sunset between the white rocks. © Maro Kouri Kimolos - The ancient town - Ellinika

* Impressive forms of erosion in pumice flows appear on the southwest part of Kimolos at the cape of Agios Georgios and Ellinika-Mavrospilia. It is a very characteristic formation with huge parts of pumice 3m in diameter and it is considered one of the biggest found worldwide. The base and the top of the formation consist of a fine-grained submarine yellowish tuff. The huge parts of pumice come from a volcanic resource between the southwest part of Kimolos and the northeast part of Milos. Strong currents of bubbled but not crushed magma flowed from this source, which almost immediately got into the sea; they were cooled, sliced and drowned, while, at the same time, the submarine tuffs were deposited from another centre. The total thickness of the formation reaches 20m.

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