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Psathi is the port of the island, about 1.5km away from Chorio. There is a port station.

Goupa, Karras, Agios Nikolaos, Prassa, Aliki, Mponatsa and Dekas are smaller settlements largely inhabited in the summer, but with low population in winter.


This uninhabited island extending over approximately 18km2 belongs administratively to Kimolos.

Wild exotic landscapes, marine caves, rocks with amazing color alternations, beautiful coasts and wonderful sea waters, the old monastery of Kimisi tis Theotokou (1622), the Lighthouse, the monk seal Monachus-monachus, rare plants, reptiles and birds, wild goats etc. compose the scenery of the island which has been characterized as a place with remarkable geological and ecological value and has been integrated in the NATURA network.

Tip: Explore Polyaigos by sea. It is an experience you will never forget!!!

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