Leros Panagia tou Kastrou

It is situated on the west side of the castle in Pandeli, which has its name. It is quite impressive due to its white arches. In this place, there was a temple dedicated to Panagia since the 11th century. The imposing arched temple has taken its current form in 1719, after the expansion of a smaller earlier church. The gold gilded iconostasis, the Episcopal throne and the pulpit were constructed in 1745. The protecting icon of the island, Theotokos Vrefokratousa, is hosted here. Its healing fame is widespread all over the Dodecanese. A significant person of the 20th century, the nun Gavriilia Papagianni, is buried in an old grave, in the nave of the temple. The monastery holds a celebration on 15 and 23 August. Infο Next to the temple, there is an Ecclesiastical museum/vestry into which you can see valuable icons, manuscripts and holy relics that are being preserved. It is open on a daily basis.

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