Mykonos Chapels and country churches

Mykonos - Chapels and country churches

There are many chapels and small churches with typical red roofs in Chora, as well as throughout the island. They blend in with the farmhouses and they are perfectly assimilated in each settlement, as well as among the infertile landscapes of the island with the characteristic smooth rocks. Many chapels were built between the 17th and the 19th century, while others are modern. It is estimated that the churches of Mykonos, along with the monasteries and the chapels amount to 600-800 (as is also the case with Tinos). The churches were built not only because people needed a place to express their religious sentiment, but also because many locals vowed to build one if their loved ones (who were mostly sailors) returned home to them safely. Most of them are simple, small and vaulted structures with a single aisle, as is the case with other Aegean islands, as well.

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