Naxos Komiaki (Koronida)

Built on the slopes of Mount Koronos at an altitude of 650m, it is bordered by streams. River Tranos Ryakas starts from Mavromara and reaches the sea in the bay of Apollo. At the entrance of the village, at the cemetery, there is the Byzantine church of Agios Georgios, while in the north side there has revealed a vaulted Mycenaean tomb of the 15th century B.C. Below the main church an ecclesiastical museum is in operation. Komiaki retains its traditional architecture with “mitata” (stone huts), threshing floors, cisterns and ponds. There are scattered chapels. You can also find taverns and cafes, where you should taste local cheese varieties such as xynomizithra, kefalotyri and xinotyro made of the sheep and goats of the region.


The villagers develop the traditional music of the island and Komiaki is the cradle of music tradition with Vitzilaiadistiko dance and Komiakitiki Vlacha.

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