Paros Ai Giannis Detis

According to handwritten portolan charts, the local place name of Agios Ioannis has been mentioned since 1530, whereas in the Russian maps of 19770-74 the staged Russian artillery batteries in the area are noted as well as a building without mentioning that it is a monastery. In 1806 the first restoration of the monastery is recorded and in 1833 its monks abandoned it by the law of Otto. The name Detis obviously came from the safe mooring (“desimo”) of the ships on the natural anchorage, while physician-folklorist Othonas Kaparis mentions the version that the saint “binded” (“edene” i.e. healed) malaria that plagued the residents of Naousa in the 18th-19th century. Ai Giannis Detis is celebrated with a festival on August 29. The Municipality of Paros has set up an Environmental and Cultural Park in the area.

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