The traditional celebrations and the customs are preserved in Paros, just as in the rest of the Cyclades. There are also Cultural and Music and Dance Associations that keep the local traditions alive. Festivals are organized at the celebrating churches offering food offer, music and dance during the religious celebrations.


The basic dances are the local “syrtos” and “balos”. In the Carnival period, mainly in the area of Naousa, along with balos, they dance “ageranos”. The most famous traditional musical instruments are “tsambouna” and “toumbaki”. There are also traditional music groups that perform at the local festivals and events.

In 1988 the Dance Group of Naousa in Paros was founded with the aim of preserving and spreading the traditional dances, music and folklore tradition. It has groups of traditional dances, with six groups of dancers, traditional music, folklore, and theatre games.

The Music and Dance Group and the Theatrical Group of Naousa in Paros operate for years in Naousa and they co-operate with the other insular and national bodies with the aim of cultural growth. There are nine groups of dancers with 200 members, two groups of traditional music, one theatre group, while a Folklore Collection was founded as well.

The Municipality of Paros created its music and dance group in 1996 with the aim of originally and accurately preserving, teaching and spreading the traditional dances and the songs of our land, the traditional costumes of each area as well as all the forms of expression of our popular culture, such as happenings, cooking, verbal idioms etc.

Also created recently are:

-The Dance group of Ageria’s Cultural Association

– The Dance group of the Cultural Association “Skopas o Parios”, in Prodromos

– The Dance group of the Marpissa Women Association.


May 8: Agios Ioannis Theologos, in Drios.

June 23: festival of Klidonas in Naousa, Aliki and Prodromos.

June 29: festival of Agii Apostoli by the Cultural Association of Kamares.

June 30: Agii Anargyri in Parikia.

1st Sunday of July: a fish and wine feast is organized in Naousa. Fresh fish and local wine are offered and a music insular band plays.

July 7: Agia Kyriaki, in Lefkes.

July 17: festival of Agia Marina in Kostos.

July 24: the festival of Agia Anna with the participation of dance groups and live music takes place in Parikia.

July 26/27: celebration of Agios Panteleimonas in Kostos and Prodromos.

July 27: Agia Paraskevi, in Naousa.

August 6: Transfiguration of Christ, in Marpissa with the participation of a dance group. A fish feast is organized in Aliki where fresh fish is offered and an insular band plays music.

August 15: Panagia Ekatontapyliani, in Parikia.

Resplendent celebration with procession of a holy icon, insular night with live music and fireworks display.

August 23: the Novena of the Virgin Mary, in Naousa. “Koursariki”- pirate night, dance groups, fireworks display.

August 28: local festival of Agios Ioannis Detis in Naousa.

August 29: Agios Ioannis, in Drios and Lefkes.

September 10: celebration of Agios Chrysostomos of Izmir –yearly established Asia Minor Meeting.

September 14: Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Ageria.

September 8: Pera Panagia, in Marmara.

November 31: celebration of Agios Andreas on the homonymous slope of Naousa.

February 2: Presentation of Christ, in Naousa.


Apart from the established celebrations and festivals, there are theatrical performances, theme festivals, bazaar of local products, music nights, book and author presentations, shadow and marionette theatre performances etc.

All these can be found either on the site of the Municipality of Paros, or through the relevant brochure of the Municipal Cultural Development of Paros.

Among the Cultural Associations included are:

“Skopas o Parios” Association of Prodromos in Paros

“Archilochos” Cultural Association

“Aliki of Paros” Cultural Association

Cultural Association of Ageria

“Nireas”Cultural Association

Cultural Association “Atlantis” of Aspro Horio

“Meas Kostou”

Cultural Association “Yria” of Lefkes

Association “Asteras” of Marmara


Music and Dance Group “Naousa Parou”

Dance Group of Naousa, in Paros

Paros Women Association “ARIIS”

Naousa Women Association

Association “Friends of Paros”

Molos-Tsoukalia-Glyfades Society

“Alkioni” Wildlife Care and Protection Association

Paros Sport Club

“Friends of Drios”Association

Improvement Society of Molos “Progress – Growth”

There are also:

– Society of Naousians in Athens

– Cultural Association of Prodromians

– Progressive Society of Lefkians

– Progressive Society of Kostians

– Association of Parian Societies of Athens


– Mapissians & Archilochians’ Network



-In Marpissa and Prodromos on Holy Friday there is the representation of Christ’s Sufferings and traditional “revithada” (chickpea soup) is offered.

-The feast of the Fishermen is organized on August 6 and the representation of the pirates’ raid is organized on August 23, in Naousa.

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