Rhodes Embonas

A mountainous village (altitude 700 m), built on a slope of Atavyros, the highest mountain on Rhodes (1215 m). It is renowned for its wines, costumes and (female) dancers. The name derives from the word “amvon” (ambo – Ambos were called by the Rhodians all the spots where the mountain tops could be accessed from). The village has a long tradition in dancing and its square is called dance floor because all the dancing events and feasts are held there. In August a three-day wine festival is held in the village.

A path running from Embonas leads to the top of Attavyros. There can be seen the ruins of the temple of Zeus of Atavyros, which, according to mythology, was built by Althemenes the Cretan.


Two kilometers away from Embonas, on the way to Siana, the natural cypress tree forest is located, which has been declared as a preserved natural monument.

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