Rhodes Kamiros Skala

It is a port with fish taverns. This was the place where Althemenes from Crete landed and built ancient Kritinia. But the nearby village, formerly named Kastellos and currently Kritinia, usurped the name (and reputation). Althemenes was the son of Catreus and grandson of Minos. It is said that he had received an oracle that he was going to kill his father, so he rushed to avoid his cruel fate. He migrated from Crete to Rhodes and founded the city of Kritinia. Someday, however, Catreus set off with ships from Crete to find his lost son again. They arrived in Kritinia but the locals mistook them for pirates and attacked them. Althemenes killed his father with his own hands and the oracle came true. As soon as he realized what he had done, he wished the earth would open and swallow him –which is exactly what happened. The Rhodians honored him as a hero.

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