Rhodes The monastery of Kalopetra

At the highest point of the trail in the Valley of the Butterflies the monastery of Kalopetra is located. It was built in 1782 by the ruler (Prince) of Moldavia, Alexander Ypsilantis, who was exiled to Rhodes along with his two sons, Dimitrios and Constantine. The legend has it that they came up against rough seas on their journey and nearly drowned. So, Ypsilantis made a vow to the Virgin Mary that if they survived, he would build a monastery dedicated to her. At that moment, through the darkness, they saw a light. They followed it and came out safe to the beach Chorafes tou Tholou (the present day’s Theologos). The next day, Ypsilantis went to the mountain where he had seen the light and found an icon of the Virgin Mary. He built the monastery in that exact location. The only part of the monastery of Ypsilantis that survives is the iconostasis.

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