Serifos 3. Kentarhos (Kallitsos)-Chora

The paved street that once connected Kentarhos or Kallitsos to Chora and served the rural needs of the residents in the valley of the old ‘mitata’ has suffered many damages over the years. Your starting point is the village Kallitsos northeast. You continue uphill to Vounaki offering a panoramic view to the pelagos and Serifopoula, you arrive at a col (in 20 minutes), where you can enjoy a wonderful view. You continue on a big paved street passing by the old ‘mitata’ and areas with big granite rocks. At the half of the road you will find the country church of Pano Stavros and you will enter an area with vineyards and dry stone-walls. You will pass by a little bridge, you will go uphill towards the country church of Agios Stefanos and afterwards you will see the water fountain located at Palio Pigadi, under the arch bridge. After one last ascent you arrive at Chora. Info Four other interesting paths start from Aspros Pyrgos towards Koutala, from the village of Panagia towards Sykamia, from the small settlement of Pyrgos towards Sykamia.There are maps that note the paths of the island in detail, though before you begin walking contact the Municipality of Serifos and check out which ones are accessible and clean (tel.: +30 22810 51210).

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