Telendos Necropolis, Tholaria, ancient theatre

Dodecanese - Telendos

None of the large Roman buildings is saved today and only 9 out of the 20 vaulted family graves (tholaria as the locals call them) still stand out, though in bad condition. A little further, the characteristic structure brings to mind that there used to be a huge ancient theatre in this area. If you ask the few locals about it, they will just shake their head sadly. All marbles of the seats have been removed, stolen or used in building constructions. Nothing has remains in its original position and the nearby chapel of Ai Giorgis shares the view over the sea and the setting sun with the lonely old theatre. The location of the chapel is amazing and its existence along with its big size justifies the theory that the ancient Pothaia used to be here and that the island was once linked to the Kalymnos right accross.

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