Religious Tourism

Great religious shrines exist on the islands of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, monuments of incomparable architecture and historical significance, with icons, hagiographies and reckless relics, and libraries that hold great manuscripts and books. Monasteries in operation, early Christian or Byzantine churches and chapels in the villages, towns, villages and the countryside of the islands are an attraction for thousands of visitors all year round and especially at Easter and the period of the celebrations of the 15th of August.

Reflecting the turbulent historical periods during which several of the monasteries were built or rebuilt, they have an impressive fortress architecture. Churches and chapels whitewashed on the slopes, mountains and ravines of the islands or around the Villages and Settlements reflect the strong religious sentiment of the locals – on several islands, in fact, they will tell you that there are 364, as many as days of the year. Many of them were naval battalions and remain private. Their owners have their own care and initiative in organizing the festivities with their fellow guests and visitors.