Amorgos ‘Tripolis’ Amorgos

Amorgos - ‘Tripolis’ Amorgos

One of the most significant archaeological sites of the island are the three towns of the ancient Commonwealth: Minoa, Arkesini and Aegiali. In the area of Aegiali near the village of Tholaria, there is the ancient acropolis on Vigla hill, with traces of past times. In Arkesini ruins of early-Cycladic acropolis and a cemetery on Kastella hill have been found, while in the neighboring village of Vroutsi, at Kastri, an ancient acropolis is seen clearly, which has a sturdy wall, traces of middle-Cycladic facility and Venetian fortification.

In Katapola, one of the best-protected natural Cycladic ports, there are three settlemenets (Katapola, Rahidi, Xylokeratidi). On the peak of the port’s hill the ruins of Minoa are preserved with sections of a sturdy wall, remains of a stadium and a gymnasium, as well as a temple of Dionyssus.

In Katapola a vaulted Mycaenean tomb has been found, while early-Cycladic and Mycaenean tombs have been found in Xylokeratidi as well, along with traces of a settlement.

All these locations are very close to modern settlements and they are visitable, but not organized in archaeological sites.

Particular reference should be made to the early-Cycladic acropolis of Markiani, with the sturdy wall and the supporting towers, which reflects the development of the island at that time.

The findings from the excavations are exhibited on Chora’s Archaeological Collection.



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