Dilos The archaeological museum

This is one of the greatest museums about the history of ancient Greek sculpture. The findings of a century full of excavations by the French School of Archaeology are gathered here. The most important sculptures date from the Archaic to the Roman period. The Kouroi made of marble from Naxos, the Korai with their airy veiled garments, the marvelous sculptures from the sanctuary of Dodekatheon (Artemis with lionskin, Apollo Kitharodos etc.), a superb complex from the temple of the Athenians representing the abduction of the Athenian Orithyia by King Boreas of Thrace, a head of Hermes from the market of Kompetaliastes, numerous statues from the Theater, Artemis killing a deer and many more sculptures stand out from the rest of the collection. The showcasing of numerous findings like tools, utensils, weights and scales, figurines and statuettes, jewelry, seals, a great variety of ceramics, bowls, lamps etc., shows that the daily life during the heyday of the island (Hellenistic period) constitutes an important section of the museum. The superbly decorated jars from the Cyclades, Rhodes and Ionia that were dedicated to the temple of Hera stand out. Detached murals and impressive mosaics can also be found in the museum. The mosaics of Delos constitute the most important mosaic ensemble in Greece from the 2nd to the early 1st century BC. Info -The opening hours of the museum of Delos are the same with the visiting hours of the island. For further info please call +30 22890 22259 or visit: visit.mykonos.gr

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