Iraklia By boat

Iraklia - By boat

It is definitely worth sailing around Irakleia by boat. The island’s southern side, where you can admire the rocks of Merihas and the sunken plane of Alimia, is of particular interest. If you come from Schinousa, you can easily moor in the port of Agios Georgios (which is very crowded in the summer). The port is protected against all types of weather, but the very strong northwest and northeast winds make the access to it quite difficult.

When sailing around the island, make a first stop for a swim at the Livadi beach (Mourtos) after leaving the port. Afterwards, pass between Irakleia and the small island of Venetiko and enter the natural fjord of Tourkopigado, a safe anchorage, protected against most winds – apart from the eastern ones. Continue sailing southwards until you come across the imposing rocks of Merihas with the so-called “Ftero”(feather) rock among them rising 100m above sea level. Finally, you will reach the coves of Vourkaria and Vorini Spilia (Northern Cave) at the end of your trip.


There is a small beach with emerald and cyan waters between Merihas and Alimia. This beach is called Karvounolakos (coalpit) due to the color of its rocks.

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