Kea-Tzia Archaeological Museum of Kea

The museum, which is one of the most important in the Cyclades, started operating in 1970. In 2000 it was fully renovated and constructed in a modern way to house all the importand findings of the island. At the same time, the preconditions to present findings never seen before were created. It houses the collection of the historical times (7th century BC – 2nd century AD) on the first floor. Representative samples of sculpture, pottery, coins and inscriptions of ancient Kea offer an insight into the island’s history. Particularly significant is the sculptural decoration from the temple of Athena in Karthaia. On the next floor the impressive findings from the Neolithic settlement of Kefala and the settlement of Agia Irini of the Bronze age are exhibited. Of particular importance are the big clay statues of female forms from the church of the settlement of Agia Irini, which, apart from being unique, are presented in public for the first time.

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