Kimolos Churches at the castle and at Horio

Cyclades, Kimolos Hora, Kastro, Chrisostomou church Kimolos - Churches at the castle and at Horio Kimolos - Churches at the castle and at Horio Kimolos - Churches at the castle and at Horio

Churches – Osia Methodia

The deeply religious people of this small island have put much effort and faith to build over eighty churches and adorn them with remarkable icons and iconostases.

Inside and around Chorio there are thirty churches, eight of which, of the 16th and the 17th century, are protected by the Ministry of Culture. One of them, Gennisi tou Christou (Birth of Jesus Christ), is located in Mesa Kastro, six of them, Chrisostomos (of special architectural beauty), Panagia tou Konomou, Taxiarches, Chrisopigi, Sotiras, Agii Anargyri, are found around Kastro and one of them, Pantokratoras, stands out at Xaplovouni.

Grandiose and imposing, the Metropolitan Church of Panagia Odigitria was built in 7 years (1867 – 1874) due to the personal, voluntary work of all the locals. The artistic wealth of “Panagia” is impressive while the icon of Panagia “Odigitria” with the architectural style of the 15th century and of the Paleologian years comes from Istanbul or Thessaloniki.

Kimoliatissa is the most current Cycladic Saint. Osia Methodia was born and lived as a nun in Kimolos (1861 – 1908), next to the church of Gennisi tou Christou. On June 17, 1991 the Ecumenical Patriarchate officially canonized Methodia. Her sacred relics are kept in “Panagia” and she is celebrated on October 5.

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