Koyfonisia By Boat

Koyfonisia - By Boat

The port of Pano Koufonissi is the only one that both islands use. They also call it “summer port” in contradistinction with the bay of Parianos which is used more frequently during the winter. The central port is considered by captains and boatmen as a rather exceptional anchorage, especially when there are north winds, since its sandy seabed holds the anchors rather tightly.

The bay of Parianos is used as a fishing shelter and it is characterised by a seabed that is full of rocks and permanent anchorages. It is safe against the north, north-east and east winds.

Sailing around the small islands by boat or a rented boat and vessel is a unique experience that is worth experiencing.


At the port there is a communal marine that runs for the anchorage of small private jets providing them with fuel.

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