Milos By boat

Milos - By boat

Your visit in Milos will be incomplete if you do not cruise around the island by boat. The geological multiformity of the coasts, the wonderful colours of the rocks, the bays, the gulfs and the sandy beaches, the arches of the rocks, the rocky islets and the cliffs, make up an exciting circumnavigation. The itineraries that the tourist boats follow usually start from Adamantas, they pass by the rockly islets that are called Arkoudes (Bears), dominating cape Vani, they circumnavigate the northwestern coasts and the whole western coastline, they pass by the cave of Sykia and they end up in Kleftiko. Larger routes include the rest of Milos coasts reaching Adamantas. You can easily moor at the port of Adamantas (VHF: channel 12), as there is space and a modern pier which gives you the opportunity for water and fuel provision, free internet and more. Beware when the south winds blow, because it is hardly reachable. The depth is 3m. Other moorings: Famous Kleftiko. The bay of Agios Dimitrios, on the south of Milos, with protection from ‘meltemia’ (north winds), Pollonia in NW, very close to Kimolos, offer protection from ‘meltemia’ (beware of the shoals that extend north and south of the entrance). Provatas, a big bay on the southern part of Milos, Achivadolimni (only in good weather conditions). In addition, Rivari, an enclosed gulf on the southwestern side of Milos anchorage. The depth to moor reaches 3-4m and we suggest it as a shelter from the south winds. The northwestern side of Emporio bay is ideal as well, since is the big bay on the west of Milos anchorage.

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