Naxos 4Χ4


Abram – Myrisis – Koronida (Komiaki)

It is the most interesting mountain trail on dirt road in Naxos. It starts 200m before the road that leads you down to Abraam beach (there is a sign that says Myrisis-Koronida). Ascend the cement road that instantly becomes a dirt road and in 800m you will see the crossroads with the sign to Geroplatanos; turn left. Drive on a good dirt road and as you go higher you get a wonderful view over the islands and the open sea, while the golden Abraam beach shines underneath.

Go through small ravines and 2.4km after the last crossroads turn right. In 300m you can see the chapel of Agia Anastasia and the sign that says “Myrisis”. The homonymous rural settlement lies right in front of you.

The area has many springs and as you drive you pass by terraces with orchards, small gardens, citrus trees and plane trees. In 2.4km turn left and in 400m you will see the crossroads to Xestratisma; turn left. From here and on go all the way up, while a panorama of the Aegean with all the Cycladic islands north of Naxos unfolds before you and Chora stands whitewashed down to the west.

In 2.7km after the crossroads turn right and in another 500m other panoramic views appear as you pass a neck of the woods towards the back side of mount Anathematistra and you have an open view of the Aegean with Small Cyclades, Amorgos and the rest islands of the central Aegean Sea.

Descend into quiet rural landscapes with plenty of wheat fields and in about 4km pass by the first houses of Koronida (Komiaki). In another 1km you reach the main asphalt road of Apollonas-Apeiranthos.


Other interesting routes for off-road vehicles are:

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