Naxos Zoodochos Pigi

The settlement comprises the two villages Chimarros and Tsikalario. At the entrance of Tsikalario there stands the small church of Agios Stefanos (6th century). In ancient times, Tsikalario was the workshop of the residents of the castle – hence the name. A necropolis of the 8th century B.C. has been discovered here. The name of village Chimarros comes from the river that flows in winter and spring next to the village. In the north there is the chapel of Agios Pachomios, known also as Ai Pachys (=fat), because in the lintel there was a marble ring, through which thin children passed in order to get fatter. In the west, at a distance of 80m, there is the Byzantine and then Venetian Apano Kastro, with ruins of Byzantine and Frankish churches, Cyclopean walls and turrets.

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