Patmos Chora – Skala

Patmos - Chora – Skala

Two paths connect Chora of Patmos to its port. The one is wide, paved, starts from the Station where the buses stop (there are signs towards the cave of the Apocalypse) and it is interrupted several times by an asphalt road. It was the first official road, where donkeys used to carry up tourists, until 1970. Throughout the route, which in some places is shadowed by poplars and pine trees, you can see the port. You will pass by the School of Patmos and the Apocalypse, but keep in mind that when you reach the School (3-4 minutes from your starting point), it is preferable to continue straight ahead to the pathway instead of turning right. The total time of descent is 20 minutes. An even more beautiful path is the old Chora-Skala trail, the Aporthianos or Aportsianos road, as it is called. It starts below the windmills and it was the public road until 1818. It has broken rocks and passes through stone walls with furze (a prickly bush) and in some places, especially near Skala, you actually walk on rocks. It offers a panoramic view of the sea, the verdant valley of Perdikaris (on your left), Skala, Chora and the Apocalypse. We suggest that you take this path early in the morning or in the afternoon.

An excellent spot with a view is the small church of Agia Paraskevi (Saint Paraskevi), built on a rock, where you can get by deviating from your path to the right, towards the end of the trail.

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