Sikinos By Boat

Extended in 17n.m. the circumnavigation of Sikinos is relatively short. There are lots of interesting places to explore, such as caves, rocky islets, inaccessible seashores, and multishaped rocks. The SE part of the island has milder coasts. On the other hand the NW part is wilder and at its biggest part it is steep.

It is worth seeing the impressive entrance of the Black Cave which is located below the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi. Observe the peculiar formations of the rocks and the natural arch in Kantouna of Athanasena. Beware of the rough passage with the shoal between the rocky islets of Kalogeros and Karavos on the southernmost edge of the island.

– Alopronia is the only port of the island where big boats can moor. There is a pier over there as well for smaller boats with a possibility of supplying water and fuel.

– The beaches of Malta and Agios Panteleimon have small bays for 2-3 boats. The enclosed cove of Agios Ioannis offers a safe anchorage as well.

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