Leipsoi By boat

The natural harbor of Leipsoi is huge compared to the size of the island, with a perimeter equal to that of Lavrio, Attica. It is divided in three zones: The tourist zone for the reception of the ferries, the marina zone for fishing boats and that may be refueled with water, gas and power and the commercial zone that is under the final construction.

If you visit Leipsoi with your private vessel, do not miss exploring this abundance of islands around Leipsoi.

To the north there is the insular group of Arkioi with the safe picturesque harbor, the old stone houses of the settlement and the beautiful beach Tiganakia to the south. Before reaching Arkioi you go by the islets Argeloussa and Marathi. In Marathi there are taverns and accommodation.

Northeastern of Leipsoi there are rocky islets. The first ones compose the pair of Makri and Mikro Aspronisi, while Megalo Aspronisi lies 1sea mile to the north. Both took their name after the colors of the calcareous rocks and their small pebbled coves.

Offshore of the cove of Chochlakoura you may find the rocky islets Paploma and Kouloura, in an amazing sea biotope home to Mediterranean seals.

There are also quite a lot rocky islets and off the coast of Leipsoi harbor to the south you reach Makronisi, Piato, Psomou, a little to the south Kaparonisi and Pilavi and a little to the east Stavri. They are all rocky with steep coasts. The cave formations in Makronisi are of excellent beauty.

Finally, all across the north side of the central island, in particular, off the coast of Agios Antonios cove, there is the islet Refoulia and 5 small rocky islets of Manolis, all harbourless.

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