Schinoussa By boat

The port of the island is Mersini. While entering you will be greeted by the Greek flag on top of the rock with the chapel of Agios Nikolaos and the small lighthouse. It offers protection by all weather conditions, except for the south winds. You will moor off shore, since the pier where the boats moor are overcrowded in the summer. Apart from Mersini, you can temporarily moor on the bay of Psili Ammos, which offers protection from the ‘meltemia’ (north winds).

To circumnavigate Schinoussa you can start from Fykio heading southwards. You will pass by Psili Ammos and you will enter Papas t’ Avlaki.

Passing by the Cape of Nikolas you will meet small beaches in the shadow of the rocks, with waters of incredible colour. Sailing around Fidoussa you will see the southern “wall” of the rocks which is a great fishing place, while by heading north, you will reach the secluded beach of Fidou. To the north to complete the circumnavigation you will pass by Livadi, Tsigouri and Mersini.

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